3-D Technology

icatri-CAT Imaging System

Blending innovation with comfort, Dr. Ballou uses i-CAT 3-D Imaging Technology to dramatically reduce radiation exposure and enhance patient care in a variety of ways.

The process is simple. Following an initial examination, your orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth for the Insignia smile design lab. Sophisticated imaging software then creates a 3-D representation of your bite while braces and wires are custom-fabricated with your exact prescription.

In 20 seconds or less a digital scan from an open, seated position provides Dr. Ballou with visual, diagnostic information he can share with patients and parents.  In addition, he will use this information to accurately and precisely plan custom treatment options without the guesswork of traditional, 2-dimensional x-rays.

iociOC Digital Scanner

What is it?

The iOC is an orthodontic scanning system that uses digital technology to capture a mold of the patient’s mouth instead of the conventional powder and paste methods. The iOC Scanner uses powerful technology to digitally capture the contours of teeth, gums and jaws to produce a digitally perfect representation of the patient’s mouth.  The accuracy of these images from the start of treatment ensures efficient treatment with improved results.

How Does It Work?

The scanner uses parallel confocal imaging to digitally capture the structures of the mouth.  Through a combination of laser and optical scanning, the scanner captures 100,000 points of laser light in perfect focus at 300 focal depths of the tooth structure.  These focal depth images are spaced approximately 50 microns apart.

Why Is It Better?

• Produces a more accurate dental record compared to traditional powder and paste methods
• Takes a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods
• Results in more effective treatment
• Less invasive and more enjoyable as the scanner eliminates the goop, gagging, and patient discomfort experienced by traditional methods
• Fewer repeat procedures and appointments