Metal Braces

With Tie-Free Technology

At Ballou Orthodontics, we use an advanced tie-free bracket that utilizes a special built-in clip, which allows for fewer appointments, less discomfort and better hygiene throughout treatment. The pressure from prescribed arch wires activates the clip and delivers specific amounts of force to each tooth, resulting in fast, directed results. The tie-free braces used at Ballou Orthodontics are smaller, sleeker, and more polished than ever before. These braces do not need the little o-shaped rubber bands to hold the arch wire onto the bracket, but can be added if you want to add a bit of color to your braces. Instead, they use a “door” to secure the arch wire to the bracket.

We are very excited about the hygiene benefits of these tie-free metal braces. Patients are excited that their braces are small, smooth and straighten their teeth in fewer visits with less discomfort than traditional braces.


Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces require an elastic o-shaped rubber band to hold the arch wire onto the bracket. While patients are able to select the colors they want at each appointment, these elastic rubber bands collect more plaque and bacteria, making it harder for patients to clean the teeth and gums.  However, traditional braces have been around for awhile and may be the treatment option of choice in some patients.